Wednesday, 23 December 2009

snow shoes

I finally gave in to temptation and had a short run in the snow at lunchtime.... well I say snow... its now more like hard packed ice... and in places shiny...

I'd been putting it off with the excuse that it wasn't safe to run, and then an article at Runners World made me get off my butt... in so many words it said, if you want to run, then go running!

So I did... and it wasn't that slippery...

I kept it short partially because of the weather, and partially as I hadn't run bar the one attempt in a fortnight, so didn't want to push anything too hard...

I feel good afterwards... no aches, no pains...

I reserve judgment as I felt like this after the last run, and woke up the next day feeling extremely sore.... but my gut feel is that it is different this time... we'll see!

Anyway... not sure what training i'll be doing over the festive break... i'll certainly get some in... my cousin and partner are threatening to take me running....that could be interesting... as three times Ironman finishers, and with a couple of ultras under their belts, I suspect i'll be holding them up a bit!.... they also want to me to cycle the Vitruvian course with them... just one lap... i'm keen.

I did work out earlier that in order to make a 3hr time for the cycling, which is realistically what I need in order to make the overall 6hr slot, then I need to average just over 17mph.... thus far, i've done three rides on the road at about 14mph, and the rest on the turbo starting at 12mph, and gradually increasing up to 13.6mph.... i'm certain that at the moment, a sustained 17mph is impossible... and not at all confident that it will be easy in 2010 either... better keep on training!!!!

Have a great xmas and new year

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  1. Hiya.

    Just keep at it, you may start to enjoy running in the cold. I put in some mileage this morning (-5c and snowing) and it was a great experience. The snow swallows up the noise of the city and makes for a pretty serene atmosphere. Leave the ipod at home :)

    You may want to give these a try i'm sure there's other companies doing the same type of thing over in Europe.