Friday, 18 December 2009

spoke too soon...

Got up this morning, and my ankle was stiff as heck, and hurt quite a bit....

Crikey.... listen to me.... I sound like an old hypochondriac!

I can't quite place exactly where the discomfort is.... I initially thought it was my achilles... but some good stretching of my calf seems to have resolved that.... and now its generally tender around the ankle bone on the outside of my foot, which would suggest ligaments.... but its all round... so unless i've stretched both peroneal tendons, i'm stumped!... especially as I didn't go over on it at all, and it came on gradually... would suggest tendons.... ah well... lets see how it goes

I'm guessing that I need to concentrate on cycling for a few days at least, and let the ankle sort itself out properly.. I need to nip to the shop and get some more Ibuprofen gel as well!... if its still sore after xmas, i'll have to visit the doc!

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