Monday, 7 December 2009

balancing the training

I read in various places that one of the hardest challenges for any newcomer to Triathlon (I can't bring myself to call myself a triathlete until i've done an event) is balancing the training between the three disciplines.... this kind of seemed logical as a problem but didn't ring true properly until this week.... when I suddenly realised that I am doing a lot of running, but not much swimming or biking... now this may be partially down to the lack of a turbo trainer combined with the dark mornings and evenings, and the cost of going swimming..... but its also down to the fact that running is 'hard work' and as a consequence, I feel like i've done some worthwhile exercise...

So i've been wrestling with how to get this balance sorted out when I read a great article on Runners World about base fitness

Now it's not so much that I found the comprehensive suggestions for programmes to develop base fitness useful, but more a reminder that I should stop worrying about mixing up my training.... I am so far from having anything resembling a decent level of base fitness that in essence anything I do that ends up as Aerobic exercise is a good thing, and I should balance out the activity more for variety and maintenance of enthusiasm rather than specific training goals at this stage...

Besides... I immediately related to those pirates rather than any great triathlon club... and I can hear them crying right now...... "JFDI.... and for gods sake don't take it too seriously"..... so I wont!

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