Tuesday, 26 May 2015

glassed up

After a short trip to Foxes to fetch some fibreglass, and a bit more expoxy resin, I set too in finishing the bulkhead.

Actually, I was up early before Foxes opened, so spent a pleasant hour first, scraping some more blue gunk from the cockpit.... its an endless task.

Anyway.... 4 strips of 100mm woven cloth, and a top layer of 300gsm chopped strand to neaten it all up, and the wood is in place... just need to wait for it to cure now, which is always a nervous time, where you start to fret about whether you got the mix of resin and hardener right!.... particularly nervous this time, as the first pot started to exotherm (yep, straight back to O level chemistry), and smoked in the pot so much I threw it over the side.... fortunately, a thin layer on the glass doesn't get so hot, and will cure OK.

From aft

from forward

Monday, 25 May 2015

a few more tasks

I forgot to mention earlier the joy of removing the gearbox coupling from the prop shaft.... The flexible coupling came off easily enough, but I had to take the propshaft to the old gearbox on the floor outside  and bolt the flange on the coupling back to the one on the gearbox, but with a large nut inbetween... tightening the bolts then pressed the shaft out of the coupling... at least far enough to finish the job with a few 'gentle' applications of a hammer!

I have also put in the headlining in the forepeak this evening... I've tried drilling the trim out to 12mm for the new teak plugs to cover the screw heads, but its too soft and the drill bit grabs... so I need to yse my pillar drill at home which offers much more control... will get that done, along with the door handles and then the forepeak is pretty much finished. 

Headlining panels in place, without the wooden trim.

Finally, I spent another joyous couple of hours scraping the blue rubbery gunk off the cockpit floor... well on the way now with that awful task!


With the engine room painted up nicely, and the aquadrive having arrived, it was time to fit the bulkhead to mount it.

basically, it fixes to a new bulkhead to take the thrust from the prop, that is normally taken by the engine and gearbox and through the engine mounts into the hull. ait also has a constant velocity shaft so that engine alignment to the propshaft is less critical.

So.... I made up a bulkhead in cardboard, and after MUCH trimming and measuring to get it in the right  place, and to fit the gap neatly, I transferred the shape to 18mm ply and cut it out with a jig saw... as is expected in these cases, the wood didn't fit neatly, so more trimming until it was a good fit, the propshaft was central in the cutlass bearing and the distance for the engine/gearbox was right... this took several hours!

Finally, I sanded the hull where the wood fitted to ensure a good bond, and mixed up some epoxy and micro balloon filler... I've glued the wood in place roughly using this 'paste' and once its set, will remove the aquadrive that was fitted to ensure alignment, and glass the wood in properly.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

before and after

It's just struck me that it would be good to do a before and after picture, to show how much the engine compartment has improved, and as some motivation for me!

Would it help to label them 'before' and 'after'? :)

engine bay done...

Final bit of engine bay now painted. It looks great, and is now ready for the bulkhead to be fitted to mount the aquadrive.

As the picture also shows, quite a bit of work needed tidying up the wiring and mounting it neatly to be done yet....

And finally, a bit of additional tidying up more generally around the boat... looks so much better when you've wandered around filling a bin bag!.... and then homeward bound.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

some good progress

I've made some decent steps forward in the last 24 hours... after arriving last night, I got the sander out and finished the sole board in the forepeak, and then cleared the dust up.... 

This left me clear today for a feee run on finishing the engine room clean up.... connecting a hose pipe with a tap on the end allowed me to run water and clean without having to lug water up and down the ladder each time.... so a few hours work proved highly productive, with a clean compartment slowly emerging....  I still had a good quantity of gunk to remove from the very bottom by hand, but that was a lot easier than previous... and by lunchtime, the compartment was pretty clean.

So, I then finished the dust clean up and stuck the first coat of oil on the forepeak floor.... looks good.

I then started the job that I've been looking forward to getting behind me.... painting the engine compartment.... by 19:00, I stopped for the evening with the job nearly done, and it looks great.

Just the bits by the engine bearers to do tomorrow.

The forepeak has dried, and that too looks good.

It'll need sanding later and then the next coat on.... that's a job for later.

Friday, 15 May 2015

more bits ordered

I've ordered a few more bits to get towards the finish line!

Today, a nice shiny alloy expansion tank is on its way to me.

I need an expansion tank, as the addition of a calorifier to the colling circuit adds a lot of additional fluid into the system, so the risk of too much water being chucked out of the overflow is quite high as the system gets hot... so a simple expansion bottle is needed, so that the ejected water is retained and reharvested as the system cools. I'll also need a replacement radiator cap for the existing filler, that doesn't have a pressure spring in it...but they're a few quid from eBay.

I've also ordered a metre of Sapele dowel at 22mm diameter.... random. And not related to the engine!.... its for the doors.... the old handles and catches needed a second hole for the lock, and while the new catches cover this hole up, its right where the screws are, so I'll plug the hole with a length of this dowel.... belts and braces!

I've got a pile of other bits to order yet for the engine... besides the engine and gearbox themselves, I'll also need:

Antisiphon loop and pipework
heater hose and fittings
exhaust hose
water trap
Cooling water inlet filter
new prop
throttle and gearshift cable
air bleed valve for calorifier circuit

and bet i've forgotten things too!

I'm getting all excited about getting the engine in now.... the end is in sight... and once the engine is in, then the jobs list to be done before being able to leave the marina is getting quite short!