Friday, 15 May 2015

more bits ordered

I've ordered a few more bits to get towards the finish line!

Today, a nice shiny alloy expansion tank is on its way to me.

I need an expansion tank, as the addition of a calorifier to the colling circuit adds a lot of additional fluid into the system, so the risk of too much water being chucked out of the overflow is quite high as the system gets hot... so a simple expansion bottle is needed, so that the ejected water is retained and reharvested as the system cools. I'll also need a replacement radiator cap for the existing filler, that doesn't have a pressure spring in it...but they're a few quid from eBay.

I've also ordered a metre of Sapele dowel at 22mm diameter.... random. And not related to the engine!.... its for the doors.... the old handles and catches needed a second hole for the lock, and while the new catches cover this hole up, its right where the screws are, so I'll plug the hole with a length of this dowel.... belts and braces!

I've got a pile of other bits to order yet for the engine... besides the engine and gearbox themselves, I'll also need:

Antisiphon loop and pipework
heater hose and fittings
exhaust hose
water trap
Cooling water inlet filter
new prop
throttle and gearshift cable
air bleed valve for calorifier circuit

and bet i've forgotten things too!

I'm getting all excited about getting the engine in now.... the end is in sight... and once the engine is in, then the jobs list to be done before being able to leave the marina is getting quite short!


  1. Long time without new posts. Are you ok?


  2. Hi Nikki,

    Yes, but thanks for asking!!!!!

    A new job, and a sequence of family, and other, commitments seem to have got in the way..... will be back on it soon!