Monday, 25 May 2015

a few more tasks

I forgot to mention earlier the joy of removing the gearbox coupling from the prop shaft.... The flexible coupling came off easily enough, but I had to take the propshaft to the old gearbox on the floor outside  and bolt the flange on the coupling back to the one on the gearbox, but with a large nut inbetween... tightening the bolts then pressed the shaft out of the coupling... at least far enough to finish the job with a few 'gentle' applications of a hammer!

I have also put in the headlining in the forepeak this evening... I've tried drilling the trim out to 12mm for the new teak plugs to cover the screw heads, but its too soft and the drill bit grabs... so I need to yse my pillar drill at home which offers much more control... will get that done, along with the door handles and then the forepeak is pretty much finished. 

Headlining panels in place, without the wooden trim.

Finally, I spent another joyous couple of hours scraping the blue rubbery gunk off the cockpit floor... well on the way now with that awful task!

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