Tuesday, 26 May 2015

glassed up

After a short trip to Foxes to fetch some fibreglass, and a bit more expoxy resin, I set too in finishing the bulkhead.

Actually, I was up early before Foxes opened, so spent a pleasant hour first, scraping some more blue gunk from the cockpit.... its an endless task.

Anyway.... 4 strips of 100mm woven cloth, and a top layer of 300gsm chopped strand to neaten it all up, and the wood is in place... just need to wait for it to cure now, which is always a nervous time, where you start to fret about whether you got the mix of resin and hardener right!.... particularly nervous this time, as the first pot started to exotherm (yep, straight back to O level chemistry), and smoked in the pot so much I threw it over the side.... fortunately, a thin layer on the glass doesn't get so hot, and will cure OK.

From aft

from forward

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  1. Looking good Neil, and all to familiar! Had a favor to ask, did Phoenix come with a Yankee or high cut headsail? If so and you have the dimensions, would you pass them along to me? You can email me if that is better for you myt147@hotmail.com

    Thanks again