Thursday, 14 May 2015

prop off

Yard have been in touch.... prop is off!

That means I can get the shaft out this weekend, and finish cleaning up.... I may even be able to get a little of the paint on, up to roughly where the new bulkhead will be for the aquadrive.

The shaft can be pulled out inside, as there is a lot of room forwards, certainly enough to clear the cutlass bearing... which is good, as the shaft coupling is still on at the gearbox end, and it wil be a LOT easier to remove out of situ. My plan is to bolt it back onto the gearbox with a large nut or similar in between the two and basically press the coupling off.

In the meantime, while I wait for the aquadrive to turn up so that I can locate the bulkhead, I'll finish sanding the forepeak sole and hopefully get a coat of hard wax oil on... I may also drill the holes in the headlining trim and get them fitted as well.... will be good to see what it looks like!.... that means I might drag the doors back down and fit them too... busy busy!

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