Monday, 11 May 2015

10 years of drivel

Another weekend of cleaning the engine compartment behind me..... its getting closer.... which is good as I am sick of having filthy hands that won't come quite clean! :)

I've also taken the opportunity to start ordering the bits neccessary to finish the engine bay.... all bar the engine!... that's in hand, but not quite done yet... I have however, confirmed the gearbox type, so that I can order the correct aquadrive.... it'll be a ZF25 Hydraulic, with a 1.97 reduction.

I have actually ordered the aquadrive and shaft seal (I've gone for a PSS after the advice of Vyv Cox, who I trust a great deal).

I've also asked the yard to remove the prop. I have found that my own puller will never work, so need a plate style one... they aren't cheap, so better to get the yard to do it. I can then pull the shaft out and clean the rest of the engine bay.

I've also ordered the bilge paint. I have decided to go with floor paint after all, and have ordered 5L white.

And finally.....

I have noticed that a big milestone has been quietly passed with little fanfare.... I have been writing this blog for a remarkable ten years. Not remarkable in the quality of the content, but remarkable only in its endurance.... I have enjoyed writing it a great deal, and have loved the comments and messages from  around the world... I have also made some firm new friends in far flung places. Most of all, I now have a great record that I can look back on as I see fit. Priceless.

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