Sunday, 29 March 2015

well, that was fun.

After removing the engine, the yard put the tarpaulin I had over the cockpit back. Only they didn't put it back very well. So with high winds and heavy rain forecast, I spent the first hour of this morning putting it only properly. 

Then, I got stuck back into the engine bay.

A further 3 hours of cleaning, and its looking a lot better.

Still lots of cleaning to be done though.

As I got further into the task, the water was just dirty, rather than oily, so I at least had the luxury if being able to use the bilge pump to pump the water straight over the side onto the gravel. This meant that I only had to lug water up the ladder, and not back down it!

Next visit, I will turn up with my hose pipe and a connector, so that I can use the yard hose, extend it, and hopefully it should reach the boat.... will make life a lot easier.

I also had another go at removing the prop, so that I can extract the shaft. This will be neccessary in orde to clean right to the back of the bilges, as there is no way I can reach it with the shaft in place. Sadly, no luck at all... the back of the prop boss is just too rounded for my three leg puller to work, so I need a plate style puller. I may well just make one.

So.., back to the task next visit... should see the bilges clean, and then I can start measuring up for the feet and have a better look at the space/options for an Aquadrive shaft bearing.

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  1. Worth having a go with a degreaser as well?? I swear by it for cleaning up the bike..