Monday, 9 March 2015

engine lift and shiny things

Engine lift confirmed for 08:30 Friday morning.... gulp!

Also, have ordered a full set of new door handles and catches.... 4 lots of them, for the two heads, the forepeak door and the door for the aft cabin.

I've ordered them from the USA, as that was the only place I could find that did the right sort.

They are just like ordinary door handles, but the catches themselves are much smaller, as the doors aren't as thick as the ones you'd find in your house

They fit in a door that is just 1" thick.... and I've chosen these ones particularly, as they are the exact model I've removed (rusty and corroded after years of neglect), so no redrilling, cutting etc.

The only downside of them, is that they all have locks.... which is fine for the heads, but I don't really want locks on the other doors (I don't think), so may well disable them on the two doors into the cabins.

I will have two more sets to sort out at some point, for the two doors into the boat from the cockpit, but will sort those as I get that far... I may well be able to keep the mechanisms there, as they've been used much more, and therefore ironically, have suffered from neglect far less.

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