Tuesday, 10 March 2015

engine jig

This evening, following a good idea stolen from Myron and his own Explorer 45 rebuild (http://svdiscovery.blogspot.co.uk), I've started making up a jig for the engine, so that I can measure up the new engine mounts accurately.... Myron used plastic tubing, but I've gone with wooden dowel and plumbing fittings.... once its assembled, I'll brace it to make it secure.

measuring was challenging, as I needed to allow for the bits of dowel going into the fittings, but we got there!

The T fitting at the far end will eventually be fitted with appropriately sized bits to emulate the gearbox output plate, so that I can line the jig up with the propshaft. I may yet fit a false prop coupling on the end to ensure its 100% in the right place.

When its fitted in place, I can measure the gap between the bottom of the dowel legs (which are where the engine mounts finish)... I may make up some fittings to get an accurate measurement on the drop, spread and angles.... probably more accurate that way.

I can see myself with bits of rope and string holding the jig in the right place to make the measurements!

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