Friday, 20 March 2015

brakes yesterday, clutch today

After the delight of a boom brake yesterday, I've maintained the automotive theme.... today, on the way to work, my clutch failed.

This has messed up my whole weekend's plans. Firstly, no car to get to the boat, and secondly, all my tools and boat bits are in the boot, at the garage waiting for a new clutch to be fitted.

Instead I'll tackle the headlining at home instead. This works well, as the contact adhensive used to stick the overlapping flaps down absolutely stinks, and so, with Debs at work, its a good chance to get some real progress without ending up divorced! :)

Its fair to say that the recent unseasonally pleasant weather has also caused the grass in the garden to grow healthily, so probably should take the opportunity to get that cut back too.

I also haven't heard from the yard that the engine is out. They don't usually communicate this kind of stuff anyway, so not overly concerned, but at least it reduces the risk of a wasted trip!

I can also get the door handles mounted, and if I'm feeling particularly ambitious, also dig out my pillar drill and enlarge the holes in the headlining fixing battens to 12mm for the wooden plugs that I've bought.

So, not a complete loss, just a little setback.

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