Saturday, 14 March 2015

scraping foam instead!

Bored of scraping paint, I thought i'd find something else to do instead.... so I have spent the morning scraping foam instead!

Its a mark that I am getting towards the end of this project, that I have just ordered the new headlining material. 10m of ivory, foam backed headlining material to stick onto the wooden panels that I removed as one of my first jobs upon buying Phoenix all that time ago. 

The panels are covered with foam backed plastic, which needed removing. Oh what a fun job.... sore fingers from peeling the bits turned over to the back, and then scraping with a plasterers trowel to remove the foam.

I must love scraping.

My plan is to get the forpeak panels done.... Just a final sand of the floor in their before putting the panels up, get the floor oiled, and I am done in there. With the handles on the way, I can fit the door, so that I can safely sand the floor in the main saloon without covering my lovely new headlining with dust.

The only thing I still need to work out is how to drill out the 12mm holes in the trim pieces that fit between the panels. The wood is soft, so needs careful drilling to avoid damaging it... I may have to un-bury my press drill from the garage, and buy a boring bit!

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