Saturday, 16 May 2015

some good progress

I've made some decent steps forward in the last 24 hours... after arriving last night, I got the sander out and finished the sole board in the forepeak, and then cleared the dust up.... 

This left me clear today for a feee run on finishing the engine room clean up.... connecting a hose pipe with a tap on the end allowed me to run water and clean without having to lug water up and down the ladder each time.... so a few hours work proved highly productive, with a clean compartment slowly emerging....  I still had a good quantity of gunk to remove from the very bottom by hand, but that was a lot easier than previous... and by lunchtime, the compartment was pretty clean.

So, I then finished the dust clean up and stuck the first coat of oil on the forepeak floor.... looks good.

I then started the job that I've been looking forward to getting behind me.... painting the engine compartment.... by 19:00, I stopped for the evening with the job nearly done, and it looks great.

Just the bits by the engine bearers to do tomorrow.

The forepeak has dried, and that too looks good.

It'll need sanding later and then the next coat on.... that's a job for later.

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