Wednesday, 10 September 2014


I have taken the hatch struts out, and of the six, three already have thumb screws in them... they are OK, so i'll probably stick with them. I was about to size the thumb screw threads to track down three extras on the web, and just as a fleeting whim, I tried them in the empty ones... good job I did, as they are different sizes!!!

I then spent a hour hunting around the garage trying any old bolts I could find in the struts to get a size, when just out of chance I threaded it onto the bolt on a bicycle wheel.... bingo!... its an M10.

I suspect that at some point they have been tapped out, and either the thumb screws have been lost, or more likely a bolt has been used as a temporary fitting in the past. Regardless, finding M10 thumbscrews was easy... and they've been ordered in nice 316 stainless steel.

Second thing.... I have decided to refit the old GPS that was on Phoenix... it works, and will be useful as an emergency backup. Only I can't find it. I am pretty sure its onboard, but a bit of a hunt revealed nothing, so I hoped it had been brought home, although I didn't think it had.... and its not here... so it must be onboard somewhere. That's the problem with moving stuff around and constantly moving it again in order to continue the refit... stuff gets lost in the process... The search was how I found the step that I mentioned fitting in my earlier blog!

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