Monday, 1 September 2014

sub 200

Despite adding a fair few items to my enormous 'to-do' list, i've managed to get it under 200!!!!

Arriving around lunchtime, I started off by mounting the mirror. There was one hurdle to climb in doing this, namely widening the screw holes to 12mm for half the depth of the wood so that I could put in a wooden plug to finish them off nicely. Only, this proved harder than i'd like... drilling a hole in an existing hole, as any keen diy'er will tell you, isn't easy... and a couple chipped a bit... but nothing that I can't cover with a little varnish. It does however, confirm that the overhead battens that hold the headlining in will need drilling out on my pillar drill at home to ensure that they are neat.

Next, I fitted the wiring for the light in the heads. This was helped by remembering that I'd previously put in wiring for a shower pump, and then decided that the shower will be in the aft heads, so had the wire there already... it didn't however, make the tedious job of clipping the wire up tidily any quicker... a cable clip every 10cm is a lot of clips... but it does look good now!

Next, I fitted the last few bits of trim in the heads, on the ceiling... all looks great!

This gave me a bit of extra light to crawl back into the cupboard under the sink and fit the recently installed pipework to the taps... and tighten the taps up properly. This left the task of splitting the water pipe at the galley and connecting the new pipe for the forward heads into the pressurised system. I switched the pump off, ran the taps until the water stopped and split the pipe. I'd previously put in a T piece and an end stopper, so not a big deal, but no matter what you do, there is always water left in the pipe, and some ended up in the bilges.. nothing I could do, and only a pint or so... but a shame, as I had the bilges bone dry!

Last, but not least, I spent the next few hours continuing the wiring up of the new switch panel... its nearly ready to install... tomorrow, all things being equal!

But, best of all... crossing things off the list at the end of the day... feels like a major milestone... and a good few more to come in the next few days.

One other thing to report.... JIm has offered his services to help with the mast head work... in a couple of weekends time... will be pleased to see those jobs done.... and yet more crossed off the list!


  1. Looking forward to it Neil, just whether to arrive by car or boat.....

  2. Me too.... is Lynn coming, as if so, then Debs will too... I've even cleared out the paint locker and found the tin labelled Jura