Saturday, 6 September 2014


Its been a while since I restated our goal of travelling the world by boat. In the last few weeks, two things have come together to remind me of this ambition.

The first is most substantial by some way... that is I have been made redundant. While we won't starve for some time, it does remind me of the plan to go sailing. If it had been a few years later, we would have been waving goodbye by now! As it is, I need to work for some time yet.

The second was much more simple... i read a blog.

Over the last few years I have followed many blogs for liveaboards as they have made their way around the world, or in most cases, a little less ambitiously. Some have been dull, like this blog, but on occasions, i've stumbled across real gems. One of these was found following the download of a book from Amazon called Harts at Sea... written by Barbara Hart.

Barbara has a delightful writing style, which suggests a down to earth attitude, seems to reflect a real world view of sailing, and is very entertaining. Most recently the Harts have been in the Azores, and their tales reminded me of the passion that I have had for a world cruise... it just sounded.. well.. fun!
Enjoy the blog... its worth while reading.

So... thank you Barbara and EW...  for your efforts, I have a new determination to get Phoenix completed.


  1. Well I'm very pleased that you continue to work towards your dreams Neil. So sorry about your job though, Vicki told me today. Keep working away on the Phoenix, lots of love Jo xxx

  2. Sorry to hear about you being made redundant Neil - you must have done too good a job! Enjoy the boat but good luck with job hunting and congratulations to Charlotte for getting in at Loughborough. Love Kay