Thursday, 18 September 2014

Starter update

I've found one very small difference between the new and old starters... The casting is about 1mm longer on the new one in one spot... Looking at the old one, it may well have been ground back... I'll deal to the seller tomorrow, but suspect it's my installation, not the starter... In which case, I reckon 2 mins with a grinder should fix it... At least cast alloy is easy to grind!

Also, forgot to mention earlier that I also brought home the forward hatch. I had fabricated a wooden panel as a temporary replacement to make it secure and weatherproof... The hatch is now in pieces, and will be cleaned , repaired and put back together. It was leaking a little bit... Nothing much, but enough to be annoying... I do need to decide whether to replace the Perspex or use the original bit... Which is both slightly cracked, and an interesting purple colour!

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