Tuesday, 16 September 2014

starting and stopping

Starting - the new starter is on its way to me... i'm hoping that the engine will start with this, and the now unblocked air filters. If not, then I will suspect the fuel injector pump next, which is a bigger job to so, as we then get into setting up the timing if its removed.

Stopping - the sole boards (floor for landlubbers) getting messy.... i've continued to investigate the options for finishing it off... I was going to varnish it, and then put a final coat of Ronseal diamond matt floor varnish on to finish it... but have read mixed reports, from 'superb' to 'rubbish'... so a little less confident now.... instead, I may go for a wax oil, such as Liberon hard wax oil... easier to apply, and probably easier to remove if it goes wrong!

Jim also pointed out, quite correctly, that it would be sensible to finish sanding the sole before putting the headlining in... so that's another task to push up the list.

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