Tuesday, 2 September 2014

nothing like a bit of momentum!

The inside of the hatches had yet to be stripped and sanded, and that needed doing as they meet the trim pieces, so would be hard to sand later without damaging the new varnish... so that was the first task of the day... the forward harch and the main hatch into the saloon both done.

I then set about the job i'd been looking forward to... putting in the new switch panel.... first it needed to be completed, and it took a good 3 hours to finish the wiring at the back of it... and then the task of pulling the old panel out, and putting in the new one, with as little disconnected time for the fridge as possible... all done.

I took the opportunity to rearrange the wiring within the switch cabinet, and also to label all the wires entering from around the boat... it took a good while, but there will undoubtedly be a time when I thank the fact it has been done... every wire was labelled with a handwritten lable under clear heatshrink, and then re-terminated.

It looks pretty darn good even if I do say so myself!

and please excuse the, yet to be sanded and varnished, step and panel surround!

Not content with this, I set about wiring in the galley light... in fact, I have wired in two... one above the freezer, conveniently close to the cooker to help make life easier, and one above the gap between the galley and the saloon table, where I will fit a 12v flourescent for powerful lighting when needed. I don't have the flourescent yet, so bares wires i'm afraid!

Next on my list was to wire in a light in the forepeak... duly done... required some triming of the head lining wood in order to give the wires a clear transit, and then the cable clipping up neatly in one place.. again, took an age to do tidily.

Finally, and definitely not least, I started clipping up the wires in the very front of the forepeak, which had been temporarily held in place with stick on patches and cable ties... using the small p clips again... they've worked brilliantly. However the best bit of this task, was that the cables were for two things... the internal light forward, and the nav lights on the bow.... and with some final connections..... ping, on came the port and starboard lights on the bow.... we have nav lights again folks! (at least some of them anyway!)

Another day of great progress... the list is a 191... feels like i'm winning,

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