Monday, 22 September 2014

paint and sandpaper

I've spent the day fitting another light, this time the one in the 'coffin' berth in the passageway to the aft cabin... this one will be useful, as it can be a bit dark down there, and given that there is limited headroom, its previously been the cause of a few bumped heads!

I've alsoput the final white coat of paint on under the forepeak and coffin cushions... so that's all the white finished now until I start on the aft cabin.

I then came home, partially to be available to sign for the new starter motor, and partially to get on with a few jobs at home. I have sanded the hatch back to bare wood, and am now using the old bit of perspex as a jig to glue it all back together... the glue is having to not only hold it solid, but also will need to gap fill slightly, so it'll be a job in a few stages, otherwise the glue will run everywhere... which I've tried to stop in the short term with strategically placed bits of masking tape - that will probably need sanding off).. it does dry clear, and i'll then sand it all back to a neat finish before starting the varnish... the glue is pretty tough stuff, so once its properly dry, I can safely remove the old perspex

(excuse the rather naff old curtain that I use as a dust sheet!)

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