Wednesday, 10 September 2014

and a bit more

Late last night, after the previous blog entry, I decided to paint the saloon seat wood... and expected it to dry by this morning. It was, however, perhaps a bit cold last night, and the paint was still tacky this morning, so I had yo work around that space.

Instead, I put a second, unthinned coat of varnish on the hatch interiors, and then got on with the gas work.

I'd been wanting to move the nozzle that connects to the flexible hose to the oven for some time, as it was a bit high and inconveniently placed, and along the way, it was the perfect opportunity to fit a gas tap in the galley too, so that it could be isolated without having to go and turn off at the bottle.

I'd ordered the bits some weeks back, and so had the  ready to fit... it was a bit of a stretch to reach into the areas that I wanted to use, but doable... the biggest challenge was fitting the bulkhead nozzle... when they made it, they didn't figure on the robust construction of Phoenix, and a 1" thick locker panel was too much! I had to not only drill the hole for the nozzle, but also cut out a large area with a hole saw down to about 1cm thick... slow and awkward upside down headfirst into a locker, but with patience, done.

Final tasks of the day... fit the step that eases access into the forepeak berths.. and remove the final hatch struts for cleaning, and to source new thumb screws... suspect tge thread is imperial, so that'll be fun!

Anyway... list is down to 180, and in the last few days, nothing new thought of and added!

Jim is onboard this weekend for the mast head work.... can't wait... haven't seen him for  beer in far far too long.

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