Monday, 29 September 2014


The new starter is fitted... and the engine cranks over!

It still doesn't start yet though...

I have tried a simple bleed of the fuel system, but got nowhere so far... after cracking open the unions that are on the solid pipes from the top of the injector pump to the injectors, it is apparent that no fuel is making its way through, so now I have to work my way back through the fuel system bit by bit to see where the problem is... it could be a leak, it could be a failed component.

I'm hoping that the injector pump is OK, as that would be the one expensive bit to replace... things like the fuel pump are just a few quid, so OK, but a new injector pump is £400. You can get service kits, so its possible it could be a lot less than that though.

I had to stop the bleeding process last night, as I ran out of light.... onwards today!

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