Friday, 19 September 2014

Hatch rebuild

The hatch is dismantled.

The Perspex is, as previously mentioned, a rather unusual purple colour

although the colour doesn't show that well in the picture. What does show better is the crack... I have pretty much decided to replace the Perspex.

The frame onto which the Perspex mounts is also dismantled, and is now in four parts ready for cleaning and reassembly

Each part has a layer of rubberised sealant on it, which is 'challenging' to remove!

And one of the parts split slightly, and needs a little repair... Here are pics as being glued back up

And after a bit of a clean up

Next will be the varnish removal and reassembly before varnishing and refitting the Perspex... Pics to come

(Better on the picture front Myron?)

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