Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Clean starting

Spot which is the new one!

Spec for future reference, and any other. 80hp Lehman owners:

New Diesel Starter, Ford Lehman, (Right-handed Rotation), 12v (Volt).
Lucas Style Starter - DE Hsng Opens to the Left
Rplc Type M50 & M127 
12V, C.W. Rotation (Right-handed Rotation)
10-Tooth Gear 
Rplc Ford Lehman # 1513727, Lucas #'s 26211, 26277, 26338, 26379, 26395, 27500, 27528, 27569.

Replaces Ford No.s C6NF-11000-A, C7NN-11000-A, C7NN-11000-B, D0NN-11000-A, D0NN-11000-B, D4NN-11000-B.

I've also finished sanding the LAST of the trim (other than the aft cabin which is yet to be started at all), and got the first coat of heavily thinned varnish on... Another milestone!

There was one bit that I broke on removal... I've used wood glue to put it back together before sanding and varnishing.. It's worked well

(Lots more pics as promised)

May head to the boat tomorrow to try the starter out


  1. Good luck with the starter...

  2. Thanks Mark. Are you doing Great Eastern Run this year?

    1. Unlikely :( I have a prolapsed disc in my back and am off running atm (been that way for 4 months) I've also been barred from kitesurfing.... :( :(

  3. Bummer!... If it's any consolation, I've done bugger all since Ironman at the end of June... Maybe run half a dozen times...