Sunday, 21 September 2014

starter still doesn't fit

so, despite my best efforts, the starter ain't going to fit.

So, i've bitten the bullet, and ordered the correct one this time, with the correct nose cone casting. I'll probably either put the old one on ebay, or more likely, remove the nose cone from the knackered starter, and from the two build one good one as a spare.

what a pain.

I did however, spend a pleasant afternoon taking the old one apart to see what chance I had of getting it going. I knew I was in trouble upon cracking it open and getting a decent sized pile of rust fall out!

Despite this, I managed to get the bendix freed up, and put it all back together, but nada... It had just passed its sell by date... shame, as it was obviously due to its dunking, as the brushes etc were all in quite good condition.

So, I now await the new one.

In the meantime, i'll get a few other jobs done... i'm not short of them!!!

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