Monday, 29 September 2014

sometimes, you need a little help

...and thus it appears is now the case with the engine.

The lift pump pulled fuel through the primary filter, and a little assistance with a funnel into the bleed screw hole saw the filter properly full. 

The lift pump then appeared to fill the secondary filters, with a clean flow of fuel from the bleed screws.... ditto the fuel injection pump, but nothing, nada, nowt upon hitting the starter button.

I have tried pulling injectors to get fuel through to the cylinders, undoing the unions on the top on the fuel injection pump, and everything else between... 

I was getting to the point of worrying that i'd burn out the starter motor if i'd gone on any longer, and so have resorted to the only option remaining... asking for help

The guys in the yard will take a look this week, and see if they can get her started.

Their opinion is that it will probably be either the injector pump or the injectors themselves.

Its annoying, as they are both reasonably expensive to address, but beggars can't be choosers.... and I have reached the limit of my knowledge.

The yard will first make a diagnosis, and then we'll chat about the next steps. I may have a go at servicing the pump myself if that is the identifed problem, as service kits are relatively cheap, certainy, in a totally different ball park to having a pro rebuild the pump.. but will have to resort to my helping friend, Google, first to see if I think I can take that task on with any degree of confidence!

A rather frustrating day overall.

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