Friday, 27 November 2009

Garages eh?

A titanic effort to clear the garage has resulted in the discover of a pair of pedals... yeah!..

It did take literally 4 hours to get to the stage where I could walk into the garage though...

The missus wanted to know why the sudden urge to clean the garage... the excuse... to be able to find the tools I can never find.... the reality... to make room for a turbo trainer for a bike when I get one... :)

Running is still going well... settled nicely at 09mins to 09 mins 30sec per mile pace, and this is what I am going to try and maintain... it feels comfortable and sets me at a sensible heart rate..

Rest day today again, and then another 30 mins run tomorrow, as well as a short swim... on Sunday another 5 mins added to the distance... slowly, gently the mileage is creeping up....

My swim on Saturday will be focused on technique rather than distance... I have a few pointers on how to swim a bit more efficiently, as so want to try them out rather than just bang out another mile in the water

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