Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Its interesting how this training grabs hold of you.... or maybe its just my personality swapping one addiction for another...

I've got a rest day in my training this evening, and i'm itching to get out for a run.... only I won't. I learnt the hard way about over doing it, and my body needs the rest days to repair the damage that the runs do.... only, miraculously, it repairs it better than before!

One other frustration this evening...

I have an old mountain bike in the back of the shed... one I bought in about 1997.... it has/had a set of Shimano SPD pedals on it... admittedly the offroad ones, not the road versions.... and there was me thinking that whatever bike I get, they would be a good way of keeping the cost down.... for the first few weeks my old MTB shoes would do.... only, the bike doesn't have the pedals on it now.... I vaguely remember taking them off when a friend wanted to borrow the bike (as the shoes wouldn't fit him), so the pedals are in the housr/garage/shed somewhere... only I don't know where.... arghhhhhh

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