Sunday, 29 November 2009

5 lessons from today

Fog doesn't put me off... fortunately She Who Must Be Obeyed has more sense, and refused to let me take the bike out until it had lifted.... which was only 08:30...

And I learnt a few key lessons....

1] Riding a light stiff road bike is SO much more fun than any bike i've ever previously owned!

2] When it is 4°, then gloves would be a good idea

3] It is important that you know both how to upshift and downshift.. otherwise traffic lights become hard work

4] When it is raining, glasses would help, and it is not nice

5] When it hails, then glasses would still help, but body armour would be better.

6] Hail makes a lot of noise on a bike helmet

So... while it was great fun to get out on the bike, I cut the ride very short, as I was frozen, wet and stuck in a gear I could hardly use.... still... i'm off and running (if you can pardon the expression)

1 comment:

  1. Fog? Rain? Cold? Hail?

    7. Get a Turbo for Xmas!