Friday, 27 November 2009


I'm sitting here waiting for the Vitruvian site to open for registration.... its promised 23rd Nov.... and still I wait.... ho hum...

On a seperate note, the bike purchase may need to wait until after Xmas now... simply because of the volume of other demands on my wallet.... the kids xmas presents, one of 'em's birthday present.... a new HD telly (which in fairness has been promisde for a long while), a new bathroom suite (serves me right for taking the tiles off the wall and starting the exercise!), and then the killer... boat berthing fees... those that know anything about me will be aware that my main passion in life is sailing, and in December, the boats annual marina fees are due..... the grand sum of £3,400, and due by 15th Dec... neat timing huh?

So, the bike is a bit too far down the list at the moment...

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