Sunday, 3 August 2014

so, what's to be done?

sigh.... its still a long long list.

I've created it in excel, and marked the things that have to be done before we can get out of the marina, and even that subset is quite long!

However, I have my mojo back, and am ready to crack on.

For the next visit....

First things first, I want to finish pulling out the remainder of the old copper plumbing, and get the new plastic stuff in... the old copper material is green and corroded, and is just plain horrible... every time you even touch it, you end up green....  I do then need to clip the plastic piping up... currently, event the stuff i've already put in for the main galley is just laying loose in the bilges. One of the advantages of the plastic pipe though  is that basic pipe clips can be screwed to the woodwork, and the pipe can be made secure and neat is very short order.

I also want to finish pulling through and terminating the wiring... much is done, but there are a few places that aren't yet completed such as the light above the galley, chart table and the windscreen wiper... probably a dozen things in total... but until its done,. its another job that will stop me refitting the headlining.

Finally, i'd like to wire up the gauges... both the fuel and water tank gauge are installed in the panel, but need wiring up.

That should be enough to keep me going!


  1. Excellent restart Neil, perhaps we can organise a weekend work party to give the process a bit of a kickstart. Sometime mid September?

  2. Sounds like a plan!... i've still got the masthead stuff to do, and wires to drop down the mast... with my late onset case of vertigo, that'd be a good start for a working party!

  3. If we can find a date that works for us both I don't mind going up your mast during September.
    Expect to be around the area during August Bank Holiday as well.