Saturday, 16 August 2014


another dull varnishing update.... second coat on all the trim

and first coat on the door into the forepeak.

Forepeak door will need a good flatting off before the next coat, as I was a little generous with the varnish on the sides, and ther are a few 'drips' on the underside that will need removing once dry... but still good progress. In the meantime, I've sourced the replacement doorhandles... not cheap at $99 each when you need 4 of them, plus a $55 delivery charge as they are coming from the US...but they they are the right ones, that fit the existing round holes for the catchment, rather than having to route out for a square fitting... and even then, the square ones aren't much cheaper... the cheap ones are made from rubbish material, that will corrode in 2 minutes flat, and also are not easy to find for a thin marine door.


  1. Very nice! Neil, if you don't mind, could you give me the source of the door handles?

    1. Hi Myron, they're West Marine