Wednesday, 6 August 2014


I've stuck a surplus chartplotter and bits on eBay, and the funds that will be raised are going towards getting the new headlining... 

I did however, need to work out how much headlining material to buy.... its not cheap, so taking some time to measure up makes sense!

Hence, i've got all the panels out of the garage, and laid them out and measured them...

It was a good reminder of how they were laid out anyway!

It appears that this lot are about 7m linear of the material... or at least will be if I can get away with about 1" of material turned back on the panel, which should be sufficient.... if not, then I can only get 2 panels out of a width, so would need a LOT more!

I will order 10m, as it gives me some spare, plus, I will still need to do the aft cabin.

I can always order a bit more if needed at a later date.

Before I refit the headlining, i've still a few jobs to do... such as a few wiring jobs, finish fitting the clutches and winches on the coachroof, and fit the gyro compass (the wiring runs under the headlining)... but i'll prioritise those tasks... in particular, in order to fit the winches and clutches, I need to paint the coachroof in the cockpit with 2 pack, so will do that nearly first.... but then have to grind back the newly fitted 'pipes' for the ropes before that... its like doing a jigsaw puzzle!

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