Monday, 18 August 2014

bits and pieces

I've been steadily collecting various bits and pieces necessary to continue making progress... my switch panel, that i've already mentioned, is about to be despatched.... but i've also got a few other odds and sods...

1] A bag of 200 12mm teak plugs to hide the screws on all the nearly varnished trim

2] A 12mm drill bit to enlarge the screw holes for aforementioned plugs

3] The necessary speedfit bits to fit the galley and heads taps

4] A new, sharp chisel to tidy up the teak plugs

I've also been racking my brain as to how to make the small amount of cable that can't be hidden, nice and tidy.. there are bits for example, to the light in the centre of the ceiling in the heads.. they can't be buried without substantial, expensive demolition and reconstruction... instead i'll run the 8" of wire externally... but it still needs clipping up tidily.

The ordinary cable clips are substantially too large.. the smallest I can find are for a cable at 3.2mm diameter... and mine are around 2mm... however, a ton of googling unearthed a source for p clips designed for clamping wires down on a circuit board... ie just like a normal p clip, but smaller!... these are only 9mm long, and take a cable from 1.5 to 2.2mm... perfect!

I also had to source a bag of stainless screws to mount them.. again, they needed to be tiny... I found some of 6.5mm length, and 2mm thread diameter... ideal, but in a bag of 1000!!!!... at least they were only a tenner for the bag.... anyone need some tiny A4 self tappers?

And finally, just to maintain the dull streak... more varnish applied...well on the way!

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