Tuesday, 12 August 2014

prepping for the headlining

Not a bad day pf progress!

It seemed by lunchtime, that I'd not got much done, but when I stepped back, actially, i'd achieved quite a lot... the starboard side 'tubes' in the dog house were ground back and sanded first

and then, I spent quite a lot of time 'repairing' the coach house roof under the dog house with marine filler, ti make it smooth enough to paint. While I won't paint all of it yet, I do need to paint the bit that goes under the winches and clutches, as I don't want to have to remove them again, otherwise the headlining can't go in yet. So after a lot of qork their, with filler and sanding, I was finally able to decid where to mount the clutches and winches and drill the holes for them.

The red tape is simply there to keep any moisture out overnight. It took quite a while to decided where to mount them... I needed to factor in a sensible winching position, fair rope leads to avoid friction, the position of bolts below and avoid fouling other things such as lights... the classic measure twice, cut once!

Next, I started removing the bolts from the previously mounted deck organisers and cutting holes in the ply backing in the headlining before refitting them... this moves the nuts out of the way and will result in a much neater headlining installation...

The bolts before

The bolts after

FInally, I mounted the gyro compass, which needs to go as close as possible to the roll centre of the boat, and hence is in the main saloon.. and led the wiring back to the engine room, where the balck box that is the brains of the autopilot will live... that took a while!

So, not a bad day overall.

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