Wednesday, 20 August 2014

boring blog update number X

..sorry, forgotten how many boring varnishing posts ther are now!

But today I did.... some more varnishing.

oh, along the way, I fetched a new bit of glass for the mirror.... so that's ready to fit next time i'm on board, as i've put the final coat on the wooden frame.

The forepeak door is now ready for the final matt coat, and i've finished the matt coat on a handful of the trim pieces... 

I certainly know how to live it up!!!

As an attempt to have something to talk about other than varnishing, I also ordered a couple of gas fittings today too. Currently, the gas pipe for the cooker terminates correctly in a through bulkhead nozzle, but its in the wrong place. I put it in temporarily so that I could use the cooker... but have now identified a much better place for a nozzle, that will hide the pipe from damage much more effectively. I am alsotaking the chance to fit a gas tap in the galley at the same time, so that I can isolate the gas without having to go the gas locker.

Yet another job... but it's OK... its already on the list!

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