Friday, 19 February 2010


Last night was fun.... only a very short run of 1.5 miles, but it was snowing very hard.... it makes it easy to run when there is fresh deep snow, as you can plant your foot confidently... its when its frozen/thawed/frozen that it becomes dangerous... the only problem is being able to see where you are going... it gets in your eyes, and sunglasses are problematic when its dark!

Tonight will be a long run... i'm aiming for 7.3 miles... that should see me through the 30 miles in a week mark, which pleases me no end, as I thought this would be the one tough target.... it also sets me up nicely for a push at the 8 mile target next week...

I've been enjoying the running so much in the last couple of weeks, that the smiling target has been a cinch!

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