Wednesday, 24 February 2010


I decided that my knee didn't feel too bad by Wednesday, so set off for a run... after just 1/2 mile, it felt perfectly OK... so I kept going.... despite the pouring rain, I kept going.... and banged out 8 miles... yeah!

In fact, I really enjoy running in the rain... sad I know... :)

I'm really chuffed with this month's running... its really come together...

The cycling hasn't done so well, and for the first time, I think i'm going to miss two monthly goals.. but i'm putting that down to missing much of the month due to snow... and not being able to face 85Km on the turbo!

Will set the same targets for March... and a bit more optimistic... time will tell!


  1. Well done on the 8 mile run! ... your Triathlon makes my training for a 10k in May seem all a bit trivial.

    Maybe a Triathlon for my 40th? ... hhmm, a possibility!

  2. PS.... no effort that makes you work hard and commit to something thats stretches you is trivial.,.