Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Riding the Vitruvian!

Yesterday I decided to go for a ride.... and rode the 15 miles to Rutland Water.... then did a lap of the Vitruvian course before riding home again!

So that's two rides of over 40 miles this week!

And what about the Vit course?

Yeah.... its a pussy cat!... well sort of...

OK... its got 24 miles per lap of nice steady rolling hills that are great fun to ride..... and then 2 miles of sheer bloody hell...

There are two hills, one straight after another that are steep and reasonably long... perhaps a 1/4 mile each of climbing.... my legs were screaming in agnony half way up the second..... and i'll be doing 2 laps of this!

My only consolation at this stage is that i've still only ridden just short of 600 miles on the bike in total, and if I look at how much i've improved in that short time it's remarkable... i've gone from finding 10 miles at 13 mph tough to riding 45 miles at 16 mph.... so there is lots more time to get them legs better at handling the lactic acid overloads!

Another mental hurdle ticked off the list... and my legs are getting better... will be doing the long runs again soon I feel

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