Monday, 22 March 2010

Great few days

I've been concentrating on the bike for a few days to give my legs abit of a break from the pounding of running.... and its working well...

They are still sore, but much much better.... cycling is such a great complementary exercise to running...

I'd been invited down to Ipswich on Sunday for a ride out with a few of my sailing friends who are also keen cyclists.... and so went down and stopped on my own boat Saturday evening.... this did give me the opportunity to do my first run in over a week... and what a cracker it was... it was a warm quiet evening, so I slipped out and ran along the path that threads alongside the river Orwell.... there was masses of wildlife there, and not another human being to be seen... absolutely lovely.... I stopped several times and just stood and admired the scenery.... marvellous!

Sunday, I managed about 50 miles on the bike under blue skies and with the sun shining nicely... what a great day out, visiting many of my favourite sailing destinations, but by road.... I even had a short ride on Helen's recumbant bike... what a strange feeling that is!

So... here I am Monday afternoon, after another short run with tired legs.... only i'm skipping my rest day tomorrow and going out on the bike again to do a lap or two of the Vitruvian course.... will rest Wednesday, or my legs will fail me completely!

Have fun out there folks.... I am!

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