Tuesday, 5 January 2010


Its fair to say that my leg is feeling a whole load better today. Not fighting fit, but better.

What i've realised is that two factors need addressing after near on 15 years of limited exercise.

1] My muscles, tendons and ligaments are less flexible than they used to be, and need streching out carefully

2] 20+ years of sitting in an office chair for between 12 and 16 hrs a day has left my posture and muscular frame in a bit of a mess.

Neither of these are terminal, but both need dealing with.... my long list of niggly injuries over the last 3 months can all be attributed to these in one way or another....

So.... here are the stretches and exercises that I am now finding helpful:

1] Dealing with my posture after 'the office chair'
- stretches of my Psoas and Lumborums (look 'em up!)
- lots of core strengthening - focus on hamstrings especially

2] Dealing with my ankles
- Lots of proprioception exercises - buy a balance ball!

3] Leg strengthening
- Quad stretches
- Calf stretches - lots of heel raises
- Achilles sterctches - ditto above
- Hamstring/groin stretches
- Adductor stretches

4] Stick rigidly to the 10% rule - take it easy

5] Balance the hams and quads carefully... bike and run helps... too much of one or the other creates risk

Now this all sounds like a real load of stuff to focus on... but I am not 21... my body isn't as elastic as it used to be, and needs treating a little more carefully.... I am hoping that attention to the above on a daily basis, and combined with careful warm up and down after activity will help ease me back into doing the significant amount of trainign needed to complete a triathlon...

When I have time, at some point i'll explain in detail the stretches etc that I am using as it may help another 40 something who like me has decided to run a triathlon as part of an essential mid life crisis!

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