Monday, 4 February 2008

fitting out

The speakers are in!.... I couldn't test them though, as the radio has a removeable fascia, and muggins here left it at home!It was a tad cold working in the cockpit, so was pleased when the job was done....Next task was to fit the new VHF... the hole needed enlarging, which I did with the jigsaw... easy enough, and then spent an hour emulating a gynaecologist, trying to tighten the flush mounting bolts through a small hole alongside the new radio..... it was wired up easily enough, and connected to the aerial, and voila... it fired up quickly and easily....I then spent the next two hours routing the extension cable for the cockpit mike.... eventually it was in place.... and as per the law of sod, was 4 feet too short.... FInally, I removed the offending component from the exhaust elbow..... fortunately, it appeared that the problem was with the smaller part, and so this was removed.... and broke in two in the process... confirmed as the problem!.... the pipe to which it attaches (not the exhaust, but the water feed) wasn't in great nick at the end either... but I'm pretty sure that the flexible pipe will sort that out...By now, I was fed up and cold.... so went home!A full weekend next weekend.... I'm hoping that the weather will ease up a little so that I can get the polishing and antifouling started.... only two weekends left.... the other jobs might have to wait until she's back in the water...Addendum.... new exhaust bits, VHF extension cable, antifoul, anodes, cleaner and polish

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