Saturday, 16 February 2008

done and dusted

OK... she's ready to go back in.... final side is polished.... pipework is refitted to engine.... shower unit is reconnected.... everything below is carefully restowed so that it won't end up everywhere when she's lifted..... just a few days, and she's back in the 'oggin!I'm not completely happy with the polish... I think she could do with another couple of coats.... but no time.... so i'll do it by hand when she's in the water....I also got the time to go round all the bottlescrews (or at least the ones at deck level) and remove the tape covering the split pins (to prevent constant scratcges and cust from them) and check them over, and then retape them.... so thats another job crossed off the list...Finally, I brought the tender home... we're going to put the other one we have on board temporarily until we can get a rigid of some sort... I just need to fit the eyelets for the davits.... the one i've brought home will be up for sale...

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