Friday, 8 February 2008


OK... so most of the bits I need have turned up... a few issues to deal with....The engine bits have arrived... perfect... but the hose they've sent is exhaust hose rather than water hose.... so its about twice the diameter I need.... I've decided to hange onto it though.... a spare 1/2m of exhaust hose, plus two big jubillee clips isn't a bad idea to have on board.... i'll source the right size from a chandler/motor factor over the weekend... the thing I really needed (and have) is the small casting and gasket.....Everything else is here... the extension cable for the VHR remote mike, the BSP 90 degree pipe fitting to allow the fridge drain to be completed (I wasn't sure if it was 1/2" or 3/8ths... so as they were just £1.30 I ordered both!).... The only thing that hasn't arrived is the antifoul and cleaner..... as it happens, I have a full tin of antifoul from last year, and also 2 or 3 tins of partially used.... so I poured them into one tin, and now have nearly 5 ltrs!.... maybe I was hasty in ordering!I also had one other thought..... i've taken the loop out of the fridge drain that was stopping it from draining properly (the top of the loop was higher than the bottom of the fridge) and it now runs downhill all the way.... only, the seacock is below the water line.... and if the bottom of the fridge is too, then it could get messy!.... maybe that's why the loop was there....?And one other thing to think through.... where on earth do I put the mike on the steering pedestal... only place where there is really room is on the side.... maybe its a bit vulnerable to being knocked?, but its pretty protected by the wheel.... will think it tthrough a bit more before drilling....So.... car is loaded.... lots of stuff to take down.... I've got three quarters of the cushions in the car... figured that its close enough to relaunch to start taking them back down... plus various other stuff... scrapers, rollers, polishing machine, the Plotter (its the GPS source for the DSC VHF).. etc etc etcOwning a boat is a good exercise in project management!

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