Wednesday, 30 January 2008


Ouch.... the elbows are £230.... an OEM part is £130...I'll take a better look to see if the water injection part is the only bit damaged, and whether I can get away with just that..... hope so... its only £20!!!!Down again this coming weekend to finish the speaker installation...I need to add a 90 degree elbow to the pipes for the fridge drain, but forgot to measure what thread it was... strongly suspect it'll be BSP, but don't know whether its 3/8ths or 1/2 inch..... so that'll need checkingAlso, need to measure the prop anode to get that ordered.... looks like its a 30mm, as thats the shaft sizeFinally.... I updated my VHF license today so that I could get an MMSI number and get the dual station VHF ordered..... which worked a treat, but the totally and utterly rubbish Ofcom website (which genuinely deserves the award for the worlds worst website) managed to remove my call sign at the same time.... so had to e-mail them..... very annoying!Best get the VHF ordered... its a dual station... the Standard Horizon GX3000E, with a remote command mic....

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