Monday, 14 January 2008

A new year

Sat doing nothing much on Sunday afternoon when I suddenly realised that Morgana goes back in the water in 6 or 7 weeks....Yikes... better get on and do a few of the winter jobs....So, will be down to her on Sunday... Jim is coming over to help, and between us, we'll fit the davits... or at least trial fit them. I need to get some plates made up to spread the load, but can't do that until I know how big I can make them... so i'll trial fit them without, measure up, and then get the plates made up... a good thick piece of stainless should do the trick... about 5mm thick!If I get time, we'll also try to fit a set of cockpit speakers.... one either side of the steering pedestal.. hopefully, one will use the existing hole left by the current VHF cockpit speaker, which I intend removing, as we are going to fit a dual station VHF, which has the speaker built into the cockpit mike... Jim and Lynn have rather generously bought these speakers for me as a birthday present! (must remember to get a load of speaker wire)Final job for the weekend is to try and remove the anode that sits on the end of the prop... it was replaced by the previous owner just before we bought her, so not had to fit one yet... and when she was lifted, I noticed that the anode was held in with a hex headed bolt, which looked a bit chewed up.... so not sure how easy that will be to remove... we'll see!Best take a long look at the rest of my list, and get some of the other jobs underway!

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