Tuesday, 21 October 2014

wet look...

no, its not a trip back to the 80's.... its varnish again!

After 4 coats, the rebuilt hatch frame is starting to get that lovely wet look varnish finish....

I've got the new Polycarbonate sheet to be fitted... maybe just one more coat to get it just right, and then i'll refit the plastic.

I've got to drill the holes yet, which shouldn't be a problem in Polycarbonate, as unlike Acrylic, it doesn't tend to shatter when drilled... I also need to run a sander along the top outer edges to just take the sharp corners of them, but will probably do that when its fitted.

The plan is to use Butyl tape to seal it... partially as its very effective at creating a seal, and partially, because its black and will look neat and tidy, whereas sealant would need a lot of work to spread out evenly and avoid looking like a mess!

Butyl tape arrived in the post this morning... is 50mm wide, so will need some manicuring to fit, but the wider stuff was too wide, so would also have needed triming, and was a LOT more expensive.

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