Tuesday, 14 October 2014

update - stupid gene identified...

One last check on the autopilot, after a break and a bite to eat....

For some reason the previous owner - probably back more than one - had connected the heavy wires that i've reused the different way round for +ve and -ve for the last step to the computer.... everywhere throughout the entire system its blue for live and brown for return.... bar the last step!!!!!.... swap them round, check the fuse again, and bingo... everything sprang into life... yes, we have autopilot control!

I just need to remake two connections tomorrow, where i've had to use a connector that is too light, as I had run out of the heavier ones... will nip and get some tomorrow morning... and all should be fine... yes... that's lifted my spirits!


  1. Blue for live and brown for return (ie +ve and -ve)? That's perverse! Ought to be the other way round

  2. I know!.... and to swap them half way round is a bit mad as well!

  3. On the positive side, I have extended Seatalk using a bundle of thin core wire, rather than a shielded multicore cable, and it works fine...